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Re: hello everyone

On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 08:45:11PM -0300, Fabricio Cannini Flores wrote:
> It's good to see that you girls want to 
> "walk with your own legs" (as we say in Brasil),
> && as i'm sure that this is not a "girls only"
> project,
> ya can't count on me to make it happen.

Well, I certainly hope that people don't feel participation in working
to remove the problems that make there be few women involved in Debian
should be restricted to women.

I think a distinction needs to be drawn between *encouraging* women in
Debian, and *being* women in Debian. On the one hand this means that,
where appropriate, men should be involved equally with women in working
towards a proper balance of men and women in Debian. On the other hand,
it means that simply being women on a list, or an IRC channel, isn't 
necessarily helping us move towards our goals. On both this list and
the #debian-women IRC channel I think we should bear in mind the big
challenges we discussed at DebConf (some of which are mentioned as the
reasons for this list at http://bugs.debian.org/252171), and begin to
move forward on them, rather than falling into the easier option of
creating a kind of ghetto for Debian-sympathetic women. It's *possible*
that in the short/medium term, some kind of 'safe-haven' is needed,
but that's not really what this list was created for.

> PS: cheeks = geeks+chicks :-D

(I know Fabricio was just joking, but it's a bit offensive to imply
that women need some special term, as if they can't just be 'geeks'
because they're not men.)


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