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Website, logo, etc.

Hi everyone!

So, I guess before we get down to Real Work, we need to setup a few
things. One of these things is the website.. Apparently getting a CNAME
or what have you for women.debian.net is not very difficult, but we need
a server. So, here is where you can throw your suggestions and offers at
me and I'll see if I can collate them and make something sensible out of
it all.

   While I don't have any lofty requirements for the server, I probably
   will not be the only active one updating the website. I'm open to
   suggestions here. Do we need a CMS? If so, what kinds of requirements
   are we looking for? PHP, Perl, ssh access, Postgres/mysql, etc. What
   CMS would we use if we used one? There are several out there but I
   have to admit, I'm not terribly fond of some of the interfaces. Call
   me old fashioned, but I think I like plain looking websites.

   Other necessary capabilities will probably include arch/svn/cvs
   access which might help diminish the labor roles I speak about at the
   end of the email.
   Michelle mentioned possibly hosting the site, so maybe she can help
   determine our needs in this regard as well.
   Suggestions encouraged, because I'd probably be happy with very
   little. :)

   What do we want to put on the website? Some ideas are:
    - Profiles of women involved in Debian. Which questions?
      - How did you get involved in Debian?
      - What area do you contribute to?
      - What goals do you have?
      - ...
        Should we separate the developers from contributors? Keep an
	update of the contributors' NM status? ;)
    - Links to Debian information (/devel, wnpp stuff, translation docs,
      general things to get people started)
    - Some sort of collaboration information for when we get started on
    - Links (which websites? I can think of a few offhand, i.e.
      genderchangers.org, linuxchix.org, systers.org etc.)
    - A mission statement
    - Other docs (which ones could we include that are not already
      integrated with Debian?)
    - Conference information, specifically when Debian women will be
      speaking or otherwise involved. This could help to facilitate
      meetings with other women in real life.
    - A general TODO list and information about how people can submit
      their ideas (either to one specific person or to this list).
    - Would it be tacky to have a clock counting down until we reach our
      goal of Total World Domination? ;) j/k
   I suspect the color scheme will be quite simple and follow the
   general Debian website appearance. You can only get so crazy when
   using the Debian logo as a basis for said color scheme. In that vein,
   here is a logo suggestion:
    - http://www.danamania.com/temp/debwomen.jpg
      Opinions? Criticism? Suggestions? Praise? :) I love it but I'm
      open to having several logos.

   Should we have people that are more or less taking care of this
   project? If so, how do we define their roles? I suppose it could just
   be like the rest of Debian wherein people define their own roles, but
   I don't want to assume everyone will have access to the website so
   there might be a necessary division of labor in order. Some people
   might want to write things, others might want to design the site,
   others might want to do translations for the website (true to Debian
   nature!), etc. There are many possible responsibilities.

I've probably left some stuff out but this is all about hashing out
ideas, so let me know what you think!

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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