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Bug#321795: O: lg-* -- lg-* - Linux Gazette, 111 packages

On 10374 March 1977, Orlando Fiol wrote:

>> Well, go on, retitle the bug so noone does needlessly work on the
>> package(s) also and come back with a working system. I would like to
>> have it in the near future, so the lg-* stuff is resolved, so dont take
>> to long (how about 2 weeks from now on?).
> Done, but what do u exactly mean with "working system"?.

Someting that can be uploaded.

> Also, I think Im going to need 1 extra week coz next week I'll still
> really busy, but that depends on what do you mean with "working
> system".

Also good, so until end of august you have a package upload through your
usual sponsor (maybe I can help, ask me then)?

bye Joerg
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