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Bug#321795: O: lg-* -- lg-* - Linux Gazette, 111 packages

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal
Hi People,

i now go and O: all the lg-* packages from the Linux Gazette.
That are about 111 packages right now, I wont upload them all just to
set the email address to the qa-group. :)

If someone wants to take them please consider the following points:

- They have a license that is considered to be non-free, so you need to
  move them out of main or try to get upstream to use a better
  license. That could be hard, as there are a lot of contributors to the

- Many people dislike them, so if you want to keep them in the current
  way - have a thick skin.
  But I would propose to change it to some of the following:
  - A package that just contains the latest version, so interested
    people always have that, and there arent hundreds of lg-issue*
    Advantage: Small, easy to follow. Disadvantage: Only last issue
  - Provide a installer-like package that does the work of monthly
    fetching the new issues and putting them in the right location for
    the user. As that would be written by you it wouldnt have a license
    problem, so could go into contrib/.
    Advantage: Small, easy to follow. Disadvantage: Either needs a
    monthly upload to provide the right url, or needs to run on multiple
    days at the beginning of the months to be sure new issue is there
    upstream. Or  needs to be run manually by admin.
    Also you would need to think about what to do with older
    issues. Keep? Delete?

If noone volunteers to take this packages and deal with them I will go
and request their removal from Debian within the next 3 weeks.

If you go and take them - contact me, I can give you at least the script
I used to update to newer issues. :)

bye Joerg
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