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Bug#321875: RFP: ntmf -- a network traffic manipulation framework

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Package name    : ntmf
Version         : R20050603121659
Upstream Author : Balázs Lécz <leczb@users.sourceforge.net>
URL             : http://ntmf.sourceforge.net/
License         : LGPL
Description     : a network traffic manipulation framework

>From the freshmeat description:

"NTMF is a C++ framework for developing software that requires
the manipulation of packets traversing a system. The main
application areas are protocol testing, protocol implementation
testing, network emulation, and network monitoring. It has
support for link level packet capturing (using libpcap), link
level packet injection, and network level packet injection for
IPv4 packets (using lipnet). It supports multi-threaded
execution, provides thread-safe packet queues, and provides a
dynamic Finite State Machine representation."

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