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Bug#321795: O: lg-* -- lg-* - Linux Gazette, 111 packages

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Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 10374 March 1977, Orlando Fiol wrote:
>>I would love to adopt this package and try to make that changes that you
> What changes? I do suggest multiple ways to go on now.

The changes that you suggests:
But I would propose to change it to some of the following:
  - A package that just contains the latest version, so interested
    people always have that, and there arent hundreds of lg-issue*
    Advantage: Small, easy to follow. Disadvantage: Only last issue
  - Provide a installer-like package that does the work of monthly
    fetching the new issues and putting them in the right location for
> It looks like you are not a DD. I guarantee you that, if you want to
> keep them the way they are now you will have a hard time to find a
> sponsor, even if you move them to non-free...

You're right. Officially Im not, but I have experience packaging
applications. I also tried to introduce a package for a web gallery
system but some DD friend told me that is better if I adopt an orphan

> Note that starting with 2 TOFU mails isnt the best way to start. :)

Sorry about that I worked all night and accidentally click on Reply All
and I didn't note about that, but I was (and still) really tired.
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