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Bug#321795: O: lg-* -- lg-* - Linux Gazette, 111 packages

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I would love to adopt this package and try to make that changes that you

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: normal
> Hi People,
> i now go and O: all the lg-* packages from the Linux Gazette.
> That are about 111 packages right now, I wont upload them all just to
> set the email address to the qa-group. :)
> If someone wants to take them please consider the following points:
> - They have a license that is considered to be non-free, so you need to
>   move them out of main or try to get upstream to use a better
>   license. That could be hard, as there are a lot of contributors to the
>   gazette.
> - Many people dislike them, so if you want to keep them in the current
>   way - have a thick skin.
>   But I would propose to change it to some of the following:
>   - A package that just contains the latest version, so interested
>     people always have that, and there arent hundreds of lg-issue*
>     packages.
>     Advantage: Small, easy to follow. Disadvantage: Only last issue
>     available.
>   - Provide a installer-like package that does the work of monthly
>     fetching the new issues and putting them in the right location for
>     the user. As that would be written by you it wouldnt have a license
>     problem, so could go into contrib/.
>     Advantage: Small, easy to follow. Disadvantage: Either needs a
>     monthly upload to provide the right url, or needs to run on multiple
>     days at the beginning of the months to be sure new issue is there
>     upstream. Or  needs to be run manually by admin.
>     Also you would need to think about what to do with older
>     issues. Keep? Delete?
> If noone volunteers to take this packages and deal with them I will go
> and request their removal from Debian within the next 3 weeks.
> If you go and take them - contact me, I can give you at least the script
> I used to update to newer issues. :)

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