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Next Steps - As I see them


Here's what I see as the next steps (And this is sure to 
generate a fair amount of discussion, I think).

First off, we need to decide how we are going to 
cohabitate/exist with cygwin's setup application.
- Do we only provide applications that aren't provided   by setup?
- Do we provide all applications?
- Do we provide replace/provide some that aren't covered by setup?

This will determine in part what we do next.
After we decide this, then we need to either start porting the 
base packages (binutils, textutils, perl, etc, etc), or we need to
at least create shell/helper packages that will allow for 
dependency fulfillment.  

However, in the case of perl, there
are some differences in the debian implementation vs the 
cygwin implementation.  Specifically, in the 
manipulation of the INC variable, and where some perl
scripts are located.  So, if we create a shell package
for perl, then this will need to be researched/addressed.

I am currently working on a port of apt-0.5.4, and am hoping
to get this done in the next couple of <time units>.

Once we decide how to handle the base packages that
cygwin provides, then we should be able to start building
other packages.  But many of the packages have some
dependencies that need to be taken care of first.

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