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Re: Next Steps - As I see them

On Thu, 06 Dec 2001 13:12:14 -0700
"Mark Paulus" <mpaulus78@earthlink.net> wrote:


> Here's what I see as the next steps (And this is sure to 
> generate a fair amount of discussion, I think).

My vision is this:

* get that cygwin compiler (linux-i386 to cygwin cross compiler) package installed into Debian archive.
  (someone ITP'd it some time ago, and it seems not to have entered Debian yet.)
* get cygwin/wine to cooperate, so that things will work under wine. (We have the source for 
  wine and cygwin, and should be possible to make coordination between the two)
* try cross-compilation to build packages, and see how it goes. 
  I think compiling base self-hosted is pretty much difficult.

I am more interested in cross-build systems.


dancer@debian.org  http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer

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