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Re: Next Steps - As I see them

On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Mark Paulus wrote:
> First off, we need to decide how we are going to 
> cohabitate/exist with cygwin's setup application.
> - Do we only provide applications that aren't provided   by setup?
> - Do we provide all applications?
> - Do we provide replace/provide some that aren't covered by setup?
I'm all for being independent of Cygwin, as far as possible.  The beuaty
of Debian is all (OK, mostly) in the ease-of-use of it's
installer/upgrader (I want an "I <heart> apt-get" bumper-stiker.)  If we
decide to be a shell of cygwin, this gets lost, which would be an amazing

It will also, BTW, pretty much make us a wierd debian/cygwin hybrid, and
not Debian for W[in]32.  If we did that, /I/ certianly wouldn't want us to
be made an offical port.

Don't get me wrong -- I think the cygwin project is great, and that the
work they've done will almost certianly help us in our quest.

I just want to see us using their code, and not vice-versa.

	-=- James Mastros
"In the case of alchemy v chemistry the chemists know whether it will
probably go bang before they try it (and the chemical engineers still duck
anyway)."	-=- Alan Cox

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