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Re: name for the port

In Thu, 06 Dec 2001 09:42:51 -0700 Mark cum veritate scripsit :

> Ok, so if we go with a specialization of fenestrae/fenster for a 
> M$ Windows/32 flavour of  debian, we still need a way to 
> generalize between Native Wintel and Cygwin (different 
> dependencies/porting efforts/requirements).  And, once we
> hit upon the proper generalization, then we need a decent 3 letter
> identifier/abbreviation for that generalization (e.g. 
> dpkg_1.9.18_fen.deb)

I really don't think that the symbols are important.
We could even call it "321" just to confuse people.

It just needs to be something that is unique.

Whether "w32" is relevant to cygwin port is not quite important.

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