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naming issue again

Not to be a pain, but it seems that in the direction things are going it
seems that there is a rather large dependency on cygwin, so shouldn't
that be reflected in the name? Is cygwin that much of a trademark that
the name couldn't be Debian GNU/Cygwin? Linux is also a trademark, but
Linus doesn't seem to mind Debian GNU/Linux. Do we know that RedHat will
mind? The arch could then be cygwin-i386. Which would be nice because it
lends well to cygwin-i64. When we can get rid of the dependency on
cygwin and work on a native windows platform I think then the right name
would be Debian GNU/w32 and w32-i386. Then as far as the i64 issue,
maybe it could be wxp-i64 ;-)

Paul J. Baker                                Internet Systems Developer
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