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Re: Asking DPL to shorten Discussion Period for rms-open-letter

Le dimanche 28 mars 2021 à 14:04:48+0200, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
> My involvement in this subthread was when Molly arguing that the 
> accusation was not harmful (using other words, yes, and we can nitpick 
> that if really necessary).  You (and others, privately) agree that the 
> accusations are deliberately harmful but that the harm cannot backfire 
> on Debian.  I have raised my concerns - I rest my case.

Accusations are generally harmful, and as accusations are always
delibeately made, they indeed tend to be deliberately harmful.

That does not mean they are not warranted. And I think it is that point
that could/should be discussed.

Pierre-Elliott Bécue
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