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Amendment to rms-open-letter GR


Seeking seconds:


Replace the entire text with:

Under section 4.1.5 of the constitution, the Developers make the
following statement:

The Debian Project echoes and supports recent calls to remove Richard
M. Stallman from positions of leadership within free software, for which
we believe him to be inappropriate.

We are disappointed by the actions of those responsible for restoring
him to the Free Software Foundation's Board of Directors, and urge that
that decision be reversed.


The point of this is not to call for the removal of the entire FSF
board, as the open letter does, while still supporting the main thrust
of the open letter, which is about Stallman himself.

The vote to restore Stallman to the board was not unanimous, and there
is some confusion about how the procedure for elections to the board
actually works, so the call to remove *all* board members does not make
sense to me.  And the FSF is going to need people with experience to
help it recover from this whole affair.

There are probably others who think similarly to me about the call to
remove the whole board, so this amendment gives them something to vote
for in preference to just signing the open letter.  It's an alternative
rather than a rival.

I see that some people have raised concerns about the appendix to the
open letter.  I haven't formed an opinion about that myself yet, but
perhaps this amendment could be something for such individuals to vote
for, too.

Sean Whitton

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