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Re: Amendment to rms-open-letter GR

Quoting Sean Whitton (2021-03-25 21:17:34)
> ===BEGIN
> Replace the entire text with:
> Under section 4.1.5 of the constitution, the Developers make the
> following statement:
> The Debian Project echoes and supports recent calls to remove Richard
> M. Stallman from positions of leadership within free software, for which
> we believe him to be inappropriate.
> We are disappointed by the actions of those responsible for restoring
> him to the Free Software Foundation's Board of Directors, and urge that
> that decision be reversed.
> ===END


People who...
 a) agree that Richard M. Stallman is unsuitable as leader
    of free software organisations, and
 b) find it appropriate for Debian to take an official stand
    on that issue, but
 c) disagree with the explicitly enumerated labels
    attributed to his actions in the initially proposed text,
may find this agreeable to vote for.

 - Jonas

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