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Re: Should the project hire one or two persons to help the DPL?

You asked if DDs would support the DPL hiring people.
So I answer as an DD.

>>>>> "Raphael" == Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

    Raphael> * it means that the DPL can organize the administrative
    Raphael> work so that it ends up on the shoulders of paid staff, and
    Raphael> the DPL can take a more active role in leading

I think spending money on accounting, legal, and other administrative
functions sounds great.
I don't have a problem paying people to do this or paying organizations
to do this.
We already pay TOs (to do work for Debian (our larger TO takes a percentage of
donations); we already pay lawyers; some TOs pay accountants.
I see no problem with Debian spending more money directly if it benefits
us in this regard.

There was discussion last year of a Debian foundation.
I think there are lots of issue to work through there, but I think there
is good that can come of that proposal.

    Raphael> * it means that the DPL can direct workforce in areas where
    Raphael> they believe work is needed (like good documentation for
    Raphael> beginners, like coordinating with a contractor to have a
    Raphael> good introductory video or better looking website, like
    Raphael> finding useful projects to submit for funding to Freexian
    Raphael> ;-))

Um, no.
Money is power.
The DPL should help the project achieve its goals.
The DPL should not  use the project's money to achieve their own
personal agenda.
Having the DPL unilaterally spend someone's time on documentation,
videos, etc would really mess up our power balance.

That said, some of those functions are distant enough from developing an
OS, I'd support a delegated team asking for money to hire someone.  As a
specific example, if we had a team that wanted money to produce a
introductory video I'd support that.
In my mind the distance from the DPL would be key in making that

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