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Re: How can we make Debian packaging more standardised?

On 19/03/21 11:35 pm, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
> Dear DPL candidates,
> In becoming a DD, one of the main challenges I faced was the absence of
> a standard way to package software in Debian.
> I've since seen first hand how having a very large number of ways to
> package things in Debian confuse and ultimately discourage people that
> would otherwise have been interested in joining the project.
> One of the reasons I like team-maintained packages is teams often have a
> single packaging standard. Sadly, each team has their own way of doing
> things and working in multiple teams means working with multiple
> "standards".
> If you were elected as DPL, what would you do about this? Sam Hartman
> tried to lead discussions on using git, but sadly it seems it didn't
> yield anything tangible.

For a person who started packaging font and then moved to node, ruby and
finally golang, I can completely understand your point you are making.

But as I mentioned in one of my replies earlier, I do not think DPL
should be spearheading technical changes. The changes and discussions
like this can be initiated by any one of us. If I become the DPL, I
might not be leading the discussion, but will definitely support the

> I understand change is never easy and often disrupts people, but I think
> we should be striving for a more cohesive packaging ecosystem.
> Even if we don't ultimately enforce it, being able to point people an
> officially recommended way to create packages in Debian would be a large
> step forward.
> Cheers,

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