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Should the project hire one or two persons to help the DPL?


as a followup to my former question that dressed a negative picture
of the DPL role in the last years, I'd like to make a proposal and
see what you all think of it.

There are quite a few software projects that have hired staff to help
smooth the internal working of organizations, I know at least of Django
with its fellowship program:

The current resources of Debian means that we can confidently hire at least
one or two fellows that would work under the direction of the DPL
and not be in troubles for many years.

IMO this would go a long way to fix the current problems of the DPL role:

* it means that the DPL can organize the administrative work so that
  it ends up on the shoulders of paid staff, and the DPL can take a more
  active role in leading

* it means that the DPL can direct workforce in areas where they believe
  work is needed (like good documentation for beginners, like coordinating
  with a contractor to have a good introductory video or better looking
  website, like finding useful projects to submit for funding to Freexian

* and due to the former point, I expect we would have more candidates in
  the future

I'm sure there are also downsides to hiring staff, but at some point,
if we want to make the DPL job enjoyable and interesting for most of us,
we need to do something about it.

To the DPL candidates, if you are elected, will you consider this idea?

To the other DD, would you second a GR to allow the DPL to hire one
or two persons to help him lead the project? What kind of safeguards would
be needed?

  ⢀⣴⠾⠻⢶⣦⠀   Raphaël Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>
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