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Re: Should the project hire one or two persons to help the DPL?


thanks for your answer!

On Fri, 19 Mar 2021, Sam Hartman wrote:
> Um, no.
> Money is power.
> The DPL should help the project achieve its goals.
> The DPL should not  use the project's money to achieve their own
> personal agenda.

I would like to respond two things:

1/ The DPL would not use the money directly, it would use the time of
one or two persons that that the project at large agreed to make available
to the DPL. Hence my question of whether there would be DD willing to
second a GR allowing the project to spend money to pay persons whose
mission would be decided by the DPL.

2/ In my eyes, that's also why we run elections, so that the personal
agenda of motivated persons can become the project's agenda to some

If the work of DPL is only to help others achieve their goal, then
I don't see us being able to convince many more persons to candidate
for the role. And the specific set ok skills required to be successful
in such a role is very different from the set of skills that we usually
have as project members.

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