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Re: Should the project hire one or two persons to help the DPL?

On 19/03/21 3:08 pm, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hello,
> as a followup to my former question that dressed a negative picture
> of the DPL role in the last years, I'd like to make a proposal and
> see what you all think of it.
> There are quite a few software projects that have hired staff to help
> smooth the internal working of organizations, I know at least of Django
> with its fellowship program:
> https://www.djangoproject.com/fundraising/#fellowship-program
> The current resources of Debian means that we can confidently hire at least
> one or two fellows that would work under the direction of the DPL
> and not be in troubles for many years.
> IMO this would go a long way to fix the current problems of the DPL role:
> * it means that the DPL can organize the administrative work so that
>   it ends up on the shoulders of paid staff, and the DPL can take a more
>   active role in leading
> * it means that the DPL can direct workforce in areas where they believe
>   work is needed (like good documentation for beginners, like coordinating
>   with a contractor to have a good introductory video or better looking
>   website, like finding useful projects to submit for funding to Freexian
>   ;-))
> * and due to the former point, I expect we would have more candidates in
>   the future
> I'm sure there are also downsides to hiring staff, but at some point,
> if we want to make the DPL job enjoyable and interesting for most of us,
> we need to do something about it.
> To the DPL candidates, if you are elected, will you consider this idea?

I do not think this is a good idea. This again brings back to the
rehashed argument whether Debian should pay some people and let others
work as volunteers. Paying even a couple of people will discourage
others. The complete volunteer nature of Debian is one of the important
and attractive point that makes Debian different from other distros.

I have a different suggestion. We can create a couple of delegated
administrative roles who can help DPL function smoothly. (I think
something similar was experimented with delegating a 2nd In-Command. I
have just heard about it,  do not know the history of how that worked
out, was it successful etc.). If I am elected, I will definitely
consider delegating a couple of people to assist me.

> To the other DD, would you second a GR to allow the DPL to hire one
> or two persons to help him lead the project? What kind of safeguards would
> be needed?
> Cheesr,

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