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Question to all: Outreach


  First of all, thanks for nominating yourselves to Debian project leaders.

  Debian Outreach looks like an awesome initiative to bring new blood
into Debian and also people coming from minority groups, however, on
the other hand, it has been a quite expensive to run for the real
benefit provided to Debian project. Reading the delegation text:
  I find 2 out of 3 team coordinators are not Debian
contributors/developers, and the other seems to be inactive.

  Q: How do you feel on having non-Debian contributors/developers
being DPL delegates?

  Q: Do you see any flaws on the current Outreach setup? If so, how
would you address them?

My best regards,
 Héctor Orón  -.. . -... .. .- -.   -.. . ...- . .-.. --- .--. . .-.

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