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Question to Brian: why not submit your plan for a Debian Foundation to a GR ?

Hi Brian,

The idea of having a Debian Foundation sounds interesting, although I do
share some of tbm's fears.

From what I understand, you want this DPL election to be a referendum on
the idea of a Debian Foundation.

It would be really hard for me to vote for you without having a clearer
idea of what that would entail for Debian, especially in terms of costs.
It feels a bit like signing a blank check and hoping things go well.

I understand coming up with a solid business plan for a "Debian
Foundation" is not something that can be done in a few weeks.

In another email you write:

> 2) I don't believe a GR is needed, as my current plan doesn't require
>   any changes to the constitution

I'd be much more inclined to vote for you if you promised you would in
fact propose a GR on this once elected.

It would give you (and others who want to help) time to come up with a
solid plan and let the Debian community be the final judge.


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