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Re: Question to all: Outreach

On 2020/03/17 18:32, Hector Oron wrote:
>   Debian Outreach looks like an awesome initiative to bring new blood
> into Debian and also people coming from minority groups, however, on
> the other hand, it has been a quite expensive to run for the real
> benefit provided to Debian project. Reading the delegation text:
>     https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2019/03/msg00011.html.
>   I find 2 out of 3 team coordinators are not Debian
> contributors/developers, and the other seems to be inactive.
>   Q: How do you feel on having non-Debian contributors/developers
> being DPL delegates?

As it happens, I'm an example of someone who was a DPL delegate when I
wasn't a DD yet. This was when the delegation for the DebConf committee
was established:


My honest answer? Yes, it would be nice if all the delegates could be
project members, I understand your concern, but often it's best to be
willing to work with people who are willing to do the work.

I would suggest some minimal vetting for outsiders who become delegates,
for example, just like when someone gets access to Debian machines have
to agree to the DMUP, delegates should  agree to uphold our community
standards (like the CoC for example).

>   Q: Do you see any flaws on the current Outreach setup? If so, how
> would you address them?

Yes, there are huge obvious flaws and big problems when it comes to
outreach initiatives in Debian. I don't think anyone can deny that.

The biggest of which is that we're simply not doing enough about it and
we're not committing enough resources toward the problem. I agree that
we *might* be able to come up with some more efficient programs that
have greater impact for the same amount of money, but then we need
Debian contributors who will do all the work and co-ordination to make
that happen. Few people seem to have the time and energy for that at the

As for how I would address that, I know some Debianites hate the answer
of "more discussion", but I think it's what's needed. We need more
answers, more ideas, more people to step up and do work, frame the exact
problems that we intend to solve and then use our collective skills to
hone on on those. I know this answer won't be enough for some people,
but I just can't make promises on this front as a prospective DPL, I
think it takes the whole project to make this happen and drive it
forward to make it a success and to get the best bang for our buck. In
the meantime I'm glad that Outreachy can help take care of some of the work.


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