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Re: Q to all candidates: spending money


Le 2015-03-13 19:06, Stefano Zacchiroli a écrit :
On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 06:44:45PM +0000, Neil McGovern wrote:
* Outreach. Every team complains (quite rightly!) about the lack of
people to do the work. Yet we seem to be rather poor at actively
recruiting people to come and do things for us. Outreachy is a great
initiative, and I would love to see a Debian Apprentice scheme (though
that's probably a bit of a stretch goal!)

So, to be clear: would you authorize to use regular Debian funds to
sponsor Debian participation into Outreachy (which costs ~6000 USD per
intern), rather than going necessarily through dedicated fund raising
campaigns at each edition?

I explicitly mention in my platform that we should sponsor internship
programs like Outreachy. I think that we can fund 2 slots per year. But
this is also a subject that I wanted to discuss more in details with the "Outreach team" to which I would like to formally delegate the representation and organization of our participation in such programs. This team should
have a word on this subject too.

Of course, as you duly noted, this doesn't prevent us from organizing
a fun raising campaign to sponsor extra slots.



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