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Re: Q to all candidates: spending money


Le 2015-03-12 09:16, Lucas Nussbaum a écrit :

In his platform, Neil wrote:
I will spend some money we have horded. Debian currently holds
approximately $200,000 at SPI alone. Our donators didn't give us money
for it to be sat around in a bank account, we should spend it to make
the project more successful.

Neil: how will your approach to that be different from what was done in
the past? On what additional things specifically do you plan to spend
that money?

Other candidates: what will be your approach to that?

I list in my platform a few ideas:
- Sprints
- Mini-debconfs
- Outreach (as replied in another mail).

Besides, I'd like to encourage multi-team meetings (which are not more
than simple sprints) to be able to work on a larger scopes than the one
limited to a team. For example (only as ideas) a sprint with the Release Team and Security Team so that both can reach a consensus on which software
to update during a freeze and following which criteria ; a sprint with
FTP team and Wanna-Build team in the hope to get source-only uploads or
arch:all rebuilds move forward. (and not speaking about the long awaited
PPAs subject, which IIUC still needs much work on both sides)

All candidates: how will you reconcile that with the fact that the DPL
currently only has a limited vision of what funds are available, and how
they evolved over time?

The vision is not perfect, but we have a rough idea on how much donations
we receive and how much we spend. Leaving aside DebConf's budget which
puts efforts in a specific fund raising campaign, we are left with hardware replacement, sprints and mini conferences, etc... Up to now, I think we've been running with a budget between 20k$ and 30k$ for sprints and various conferences. Not having a perfect vision on our funds didn't stop past DPLs
from putting in place ambitious plans (5 years hardware replacement and
encouraging sprints). So unless one DebConf really cracks its budget or the of donators/donations drops drastically or some DPL starts spending money
without looking at the total sum, I'd not worry much about our funds.



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