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Re: Reducing the discussion and the voting period to 1 week

2014-10-17 10:01 GMT+02:00 Lucas Nussbaum <leader@debian.org>:
> So, I think that we need alternative proposal(s), [...]

I agree with this point in principle, but we should avoid having too
many options, leading to scattered votes. One party could "win" with
less than 25% of the votes if the other ones are stealing votes one
another, especially if they're aiming at the same goal, but with
different statements.

I see the Project is divided, and I see this like a "Black Or White"
decision, so I'd welcome *two* clear, concise, and final statements to
choose about how the Project wants to move forward. We left too many
grey areas in the previous decisions which created too many
interpretations, and these led to where we are now. This should come
to an end.


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