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Re: [all candidates] vote time?

On 19/03/13 at 19:28 +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> > In fact, campaigning period has always been an occasion to discuss "big
> > issues", as you put it, and it would be sad to pass on the occasion.
>  And personally, I consider that is a false direction in the campaigning
> period.

Yes, but the real question is: how do we, as a project, can manage to
have those useful discussions outside DPL campaigns?

We could create debian-longer-term-vision-and-brainstorming@, but I fear
that it would stay quite silent... Well, maybe we could try to have more
focused prospective brainstorming discussions from time to time.
I can promise to try to initiate such a discussion if I'm elected, that's
a cheap promise :p


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