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Re: [all candidates] vote time?

On 2013-03-14 17:10, MJ Ray wrote:
How much time do you think voters should spend reading these discussions?

I really don't think that voters should feel obliged to read them at all.

With the benefit of some hindsight, do you feel that you are being
concise enough to achieve that time?

I only expect people to read threads where they're interested in candidates' answers to the questions, and therefore won't want them to oversimplify answers to complex questions. So, yes.

Would you change anything about the DPL or GR processes to help achieve that

It's not something I've planned to try to change, but I think the election process is probably still too long (at > 10% of the year), despite

More immediately, I do wonder if all the questions being asked here are strictly ones that will help decide people's votes.

It appears to me that some DPLs^Wpeople may merely be asking questions that they find interesting and would like to see discussed. While it's nice to see these polite discussions of big issues for Debian, I would suggest that some of them might be better started on the specific relevant lists, with participation from more people than the DPL election candidates!


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