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Re: [all candidates] lack of women in Debian

Lucas Nussbaum dijo [Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 07:44:32AM +0100]:
> > I would like to know your opinion about this graph (thanks Francesca!): 
> > http://blog.zouish.org/posts/dw/
> (...)
> This graph is a very interesting one. As some of my past actions in
> Debian have shown, I like data and statistics, especially when they
> allow one to measure success, failure or progress, or say something
> about the project that we previously didn't know.
> (...)
> Note that this is not limited to women. We have other populations that
> are very much under-represented in Debian if you compare their number to
> the world population, or even to people in IT jobs.

Right, and IMO we cannot limit our views to what we observe in
Debian. I don't know how this figures go in the rest of the world, but
I was amazed (given the maturity of the profession, I'd have expected
a better balance) that in the faculty I teach (Facultad de Ingeniería,
UNAM, probably the biggest school on the different engineerings in
Latin America) we still have a 80%/20% gender imbalance.

So, according to the graphic (and read optimistically, of course),
Debian is faring still quite below that imbalance (~1.5%), but it is
by a factor of ~10, not a factor of ~100 (as to the general

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