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Re: [all candidates] vote time?

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 10:17:41PM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 10:39:17PM +0300, Moray Allan wrote:
> > It appears to me that some DPLs^Wpeople may merely be asking questions
> > that they find interesting and would like to see discussed.  While
> > it's nice to see these polite discussions of big issues for Debian, I
> > would suggest that some of them might be better started on the
> > specific relevant lists, with participation from more people than the
> > DPL election candidates!
> Speaking for myself only, I've certainly asked a couple of broad, maybe
> "vision", questions, but certainly not because I'd merely like to see
> them discussed. Rather, it's because I haven't found answers to them in
> the candidates' platforms and my vote actually depends on how the
> candidates will both answer and approach them.  I suspect others might
> be approaching the campaigning period with similar expectations.

 But how does your vote depend on your questions?  I fail to see how a
fair amount of your questions is something that a DPL can work on.  The
constitution doesn't give special power in that respect and I am quite
astonished that this has to be pointed out to you as current and past
DPL.  Maybe I miss your point here.

 Your questions are all valid and fair, but I see Moray's point of that
it's quite confusing to seem them brought up in DPL campaigning on -vote
instead of on the lists where they might actually belong to be discussed
on, and potentially turn into action by the subscribers to the
corresponding list?

> In fact, campaigning period has always been an occasion to discuss "big
> issues", as you put it, and it would be sad to pass on the occasion.

 And personally, I consider that is a false direction in the campaigning
period.  Addressing "big issues" isn't something the DPL has more power
for than any other DD--which even comes more obvious by the yearly
question along the lines of whether the candidates plan to work on their
agendas even if not elected.  This specific question IMHO shows quite
obviously that these things don't need DPL power (or can't be helped
with by being DPL that much).

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