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Will you withdraw delegations of DD not behaving correctly?


another question to all candidates (this question is inspired by a recent

Most of you have answered that it's not possible to regulate the heated
discussions but it's possible to set a good example. If only the leader
behaves properly, it will still be difficult to make the climate change.
But if all the delegates behave properly, and if delegates that do not
behave properly are withdrawn due to this, we might get better results.

What do you think of this and would you be ready to withdraw a delegation
for a delegate that behaved badly towards another DD (even outside of his
delegated role), that has been warned once by you and that did it again
later on?

Do you think we can draft a code of conduct for Debian and do you think
you can ensure that it would be respected by delegates?

Raphaël Hertzog

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