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Question for all candidates: Care of Core infrastructure

This is for all candidates.

In the last years I have seen a really disturbing development in
Debian: New developers are very interested in bringing new packages
into Debian, but care for our core infrastructure (dpkg, apt) has a
little bit diminished. I am not saying that noone seems to care, but
I see a lot of annoying issues not being addressed.

An totally incomplete list:
  - dpkg still uses normal console prompting for dpkg-conffile
    handling, while debconf has been mandatory for regular packages for
    years now.
  - it is still not possible to control package A's dpkg-conffiles from
    package B, the canonical suggesting being cfengine and/or puppet
  - aptitude is unable to display its conflict solutions for months now
  - The concept of "all services are immediately started after
    configuration" and "deleting all stop/start links will cause the
    package's defaults to be re-established on the next package update"
    is meeting a lot of resistance in the user base lately. Many people
    use this as explanation why Debian is totally out of the question in
    a professional environment for them.
  - The release team has been crying for help multiple times with
    nobody being willing to step up and help.

Do you see the diminishing care for our Core infrastructure as a
problem? Do you have any idea how do sensibilize our new blood for the
fact that "new packages" doesn't help Debian if our Core stuff is
diminishing? I know that this is not exactly within the power of the
DPL, but do you think that you, as DPL, can help speeding up Core
development again?


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