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Re: Question for all candidates: Release process

On 14/03/10 at 14:44 -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> This is for all candidates.
> Releasing is regularly the hardest thing that Debian does, not just
> technically but also socially.  Apart from the standard issues of setting
> deadlines, RC bug counts being high, and similar difficult technical
> issues, the process seems to eat volunteers.  There's usually always at
> least some frustration, anger, and upsetness, and there seems to usually
> be at least one resignation over the course of a release, often in a way
> that hurts other activities in Debian for a time.
> Do you have any ideas how, as DPL, you would (or even could) address this?
> I'm personally the most concerned with the social issues.  A delayed
> release can be frustrating but doesn't have that much negative impact, but
> volunteers with enough knowledge of Debian to be able to serve as release
> managers or helpers are rare.  And usually the arguments not only hurt
> their contributions to Debian but usually hurt the contributions to Debian
> of the people on the other side of the argument as well, who are often
> also valuable and difficult-to-replace volunteers.
> Do you have any thoughts about how to resolve release issues with less
> hurt and negative impact to the project all around?

Three more release-related questions.

During the last debconf, the freeze of squeeze was first announced to
take place in December, then this decision was cancelled, and now we are
in March.
- How do you analyze what happened during last summer? What went wrong?
- What is your opinion on the motivations for the proposal to freeze in
  December? Specifically, in the future, should we try to coordinate our
  release process with Ubuntu's?
- So, we are now in March. What is your opinion with the release process
  so far? When do you see the release happening?

(I'm fully aware that the DPL is not in a position to take many actions
regarding the release. However, similar questions are likely to be asked
during post-election interviews, so we would better know how you will
answer ;)
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