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Re: Will you withdraw delegations of DD not behaving correctly?

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 4:13 AM, Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:

> Most of you have answered that it's not possible to regulate the heated
> discussions but it's possible to set a good example. If only the leader
> behaves properly, it will still be difficult to make the climate change.
> But if all the delegates behave properly, and if delegates that do not
> behave properly are withdrawn due to this, we might get better results.
> What do you think of this and would you be ready to withdraw a delegation
> for a delegate that behaved badly towards another DD (even outside of his
> delegated role), that has been warned once by you and that did it again
> later on?

As you say, I think that it's very important that key Debian people
set a good example, not only the DPL but all the delegates, yes.
However, I wouldn't dismiss anyone so easily, it would have to be a
recurring situation (i.e. more than twice or three times) and of a
high level of misbehavior for it to lead to un-delegation, and that
would be only when all the other options (like talking privately,
mediation, etc) had been unsuccessfully explored.

Were such a misbehavior to happen with me as DPL, my first attempt
would be to talk privately with the people involved, trying to find a
way that the situation can be solved, maybe even with a public apology
if that's needed.  I think it's better for everybody to try to grow
into better selves, than just dismiss whoever is not behaving

> Do you think we can draft a code of conduct for Debian and do you think
> you can ensure that it would be respected by delegates?

A new Code of Conduct has already been drafted, but it has never been
put into practice.  I guess that we should vote upon it, to see if the
developer body wants to have it.  If the vote is successful, the code
of conduct can be enforced for everybody and not just for delegates.
In any case, I agree that the people in the core roles should be the
ones that show the best behavior.


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