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Re: Discussion period: GR: DFSG violations in Lenny

On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 07:42:47PM +0100, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
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> Robert Millan wrote:
> > If the project as a whole determines that the Release Team is empowered to
> > make exceptions to SC #1 as they see fit, I would accept it [1].
> Please stop repeating in an endless loop that the Release Team must focus
> on SC #1, while you are ignoring SC #4.

As you wish.  Instead of repeating myself, I will refer you to the mail in
which I already replied to the same argument:


Robert Millan

  The DRM opt-in fallacy: "Your data belongs to us. We will decide when (and
  how) you may access your data; but nobody's threatening your freedom: we
  still allow you to remove your data and not access it at all."

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