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Re: Discussion period: GR: DFSG violations in Lenny

* Adeodato Simó [Tue, 11 Nov 2008 16:31:59 +0100]:

> But no, you just carried on and ignored my concerns. Thank you, Robert.

Let's be more a bit more constructive: you say you act out of alarm by
seeing the release team take some decisions for the project. I claim
that the Release Team is entitled to this decision, because our job is
just copying bits of unstable/Packages.gz to testing/Packages.gz, and
the project should get its act together about unstable/Packages.gz. You
don't share that view, and hence you come up with this proposal. Have
you thought for a second, though, that the project as a whole could not
agree with you in not sharing that view?

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