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Re: On the "Debian Maintainers" GR

Le jeudi 26 juillet 2007 à 18:34 +0200, Raphael Hertzog a écrit :
> On Thu, 26 Jul 2007, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> > If someone doesn't want to be a DD because the NM process is broken
> I haven't said that. Previous discussions gave examples of people who don't
> want to stay DD for political reasons. For similar concerns some don't
> want to become DD.

I seem to remember you were one of those arguing, not so long ago, that
developers aren't forced to be agree with the project's internal
politics, and that they should just contribute without asking

> You have the right to disagree with the opinion of those people, but
> state clearly your opinion instead of playing around words with Loïc.
> And don't speak as if the facts do not exist.

But playing with words is the point, as this discussion is purely
rhetorical. Most arguments were already expressed more than once; those
still following the discussion for non-rhetorical matters must have not
read the previous threads on this topic.

> > See? One can disagree with you even after having read the whole thread.
> You always have good reasons to disagree...

Yeah, I know, you are always a good guy who wants to improve things, and
who stands up firmly against those complaining without a reason against
all such bright improvements you are suggesting.

Please, think of your socks. They're getting hurt.

> > Now if you could refrain from trying to fit people's opinions in the
> > phantasm view you have of them, that would be very pleasant for the
> > climate.
> HAHAHAH. As if you were trying to "improve the climate" with your
> behaviour which can be summed up as:
> "I disagree loudly first, maybe later I explain why and in the mean time I
> changed the thread in a flame".

Oh, well. One single statement against a specific argument is
"disagreeing loudly". But after all, I'm a bad guy with
super-complaining powers who can magically turn threads into flame.

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