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Questions to the candidates

Now that we are well into the campaigning period, I'd like to ask each
candidate a couple of questions. Feel free to say that "this is
answered in my platform", if that is the case.

What is the role of the DPL? Is he a strong leader, who uses his
position to Get Things Done His Way, a public figurehead, who just
Speaks For The Project, a mediator, who tries to solve internal
squabbles, or something else?

Do you feel that the DPL is first and foremost The Debian Project
Leader, in the sense that anything Debian-related the DPL does, he
does so as the DPL, not as a DD or a private person?

There are problems with communication between some key teams and
the rest of the project. What solutions will you try to implement
during the next year?

How do you feel about spending Debian monies into buying core
infrastructure support?

Currently just about every single conversation on -project and
-vote degenerates immediately into a (minor) flame war. What will you
do to fix the current atmosphere?

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