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Re: Questions to the candidates

On Sun, Feb 25, 2007 at 07:57:21AM +0200, Kalle Kivimaa wrote:
> What is the role of the DPL? 

Being a visible example of what the project stands for -- that means
doing useful things, working with other people, promoting free software,
standing up for what they believe, and yes, doing things that other
developers disagree with. 

If the DPL can't do all these things, how can you expect any developer to?

> Do you feel that the DPL is first and foremost The Debian Project
> Leader, in the sense that anything Debian-related the DPL does, he
> does so as the DPL, not as a DD or a private person?

I think it's best to treat all the roles in Debian as hats that you
can wear sometimes, and not wear at other times. It's important to make
it clear what hat you're wearing though, and to be fairly careful when
your personal views or interests aren't going to be reflected in your
activities with some hat on -- eg, we don't need to have a secretary that
has no views on prospective DPL candidates, but we do need a secretary
who won't let his views on DPL candidates affect how he deals with the
election. I think that's the right approach to take for Debian in general.

> How do you feel about spending Debian monies into buying core
> infrastructure support?

I think that would effectively mean employing people on an ongoing basis,
and I don't think Debian has the money to do that, even if we were sure
it would be effective. I have some ideas on how it might be possible to
fundraise for that sort of thing, but I'm not convinced Debian should
be doing it, instead of a related project like Dunc-Tank or PubSoft
or similar, and I'd rather see a Dunc-Tank report (and criticism and
analysis of that) before thinking more about it.

> Currently just about every single conversation on -project and
> -vote degenerates immediately into a (minor) flame war. What will you
> do to fix the current atmosphere?

If I have a point to make that others haven't already, I'll make it once,
and leave it at that.


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