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Re: DPL Debate Volunteers and Format

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, Don Armstrong wrote:
> If you wish to volunteer, please e-mail me or contact me on IRC (I'm
> dondelelcaro).

So far (hopefully I haven't missed anyone) the volunteers I have are:

Neil McGovern (Maulkin)
David Nusinow (gravity)
Pete Nuttall (psn)
MJ Ray (slef)
Mohammed Adnène Trojette (adn)

[If I've missed you, please respond to let me know.]

> Also, if any of you have comments about the format of the debate now
> would be an appropriate time to raise them.
> http://svn.donarmstrong.com/don/trunk/projects/debian/dpl_debates/debate_rules_public.txt
> are the rules that we used last year, but they are (of course)
> totally open to revision.

To date no one has really commented on the rules for the debate, so
I'll assume that the proposed format is acceptable unless someone

The next small issue as far as format goes is the number of candidates
this year. I'm not sure how well a 9 candidate debate will work, and a
suggestion was made to hold two separate debates. I'm open to do
either even though the second means more work for me, but I don't want
to unecessarily segregate candidates if that can be avoided.

I'd like to make a decision on the time for the debate within the next
few days, so if you have serious objections to either method, you need
to make them known.

Don Armstrong

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