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Re: Questions to the candidates


On Sun, 25 Feb 2007, Kalle Kivimaa wrote:
> What is the role of the DPL?
> Is he a strong leader, who uses his position to Get Things Done His Way,

No, this is not possible unless he's ready to do everything by himself.
Even then, it's always better to have some other people backing up one's

> a public figurehead

Yes. Although given the diversity of the project, it's difficult for a
single person to represent it effectively.

> who just Speaks For The Project

Certainly not "just". He does a lot more than that.

> a mediator, who tries to solve internal squabbles

Yes. Although it's difficult to mediate alone. A board is probably a
better mediator because it avoids too harsh decisions taken in the hurry
of the situation.

> or something else?

He should definitely be an example for the project and provide directions
where we can evolve. He can only be effective in doing so if the
directions that he promotes are not too far from what the project expect.
Again, the filter of a board is IMO useful for this.

> Do you feel that the DPL is first and foremost The Debian Project
> Leader, in the sense that anything Debian-related the DPL does, he
> does so as the DPL, not as a DD or a private person?

With a single-person DPL, yes, people make a clear association between
the private person and the role. If you have a board of DPL, it's

> There are problems with communication between some key teams and
> the rest of the project. What solutions will you try to implement
> during the next year?

This is addressed in my platform but I have yet to send it to Manoj. I'm
awaiting some OK from the people that I invited on the DPL board.

> How do you feel about spending Debian monies into buying core
> infrastructure support?

Can you give more specific examples of what could be the "core
infrastructure support" ?

> Currently just about every single conversation on -project and
> -vote degenerates immediately into a (minor) flame war. What will you
> do to fix the current atmosphere?

The DPL board will (hopefully) show how we can have sane and constructive
discussions (at a smaller scale). The board implements "discussion by
proxy" so that people who have strong opinions on a given topic can
contact a board member that they like and have them represent their

(It's also on my platform)

Raphaël Hertzog

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