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Re: Questions to the candidates

On Sun, Feb 25, 2007, Kalle Kivimaa wrote:

> What is the role of the DPL? Is he a strong leader, who uses his
> position to Get Things Done His Way, a public figurehead, who just
> Speaks For The Project, a mediator, who tries to solve internal
> squabbles, or something else?

   The DPL is a strong (but not stubborn) leader who uses their position
to get things done the way of the people who actually do the things, a
public figurehead for sure, who speaks for the project but also voices
their personal vision for the project (as long as it was exposed in the
platform that got the DPL elected, I see no conflict here). They're not
necessarily a mediator but should pay attention to conflicts and appoint
mediators when deemed necessary.

> Do you feel that the DPL is first and foremost The Debian Project
> Leader, in the sense that anything Debian-related the DPL does, he
> does so as the DPL, not as a DD or a private person?

   I used to think the DPL/DD/private person hats were easily swapped.
But while it may work pretty well within Debian, the current term has
shown to me that there are situations where it's hard for the DPL to do
it properly and for the general public to make the difference.

> There are problems with communication between some key teams and
> the rest of the project. What solutions will you try to implement
> during the next year?

   This is in my platform.

> How do you feel about spending Debian monies into buying core
> infrastructure support?

   I am generally in favour of paying for something we need and we
cannot do ourselves. I would first need to know why it's needed (or why
we should have it anyway) and why we cannot do it.

> Currently just about every single conversation on -project and
> -vote degenerates immediately into a (minor) flame war. What will you
> do to fix the current atmosphere?

   I am surprised that you take -project and -vote as examples. I do not
see that many flamewars on -project, and the long conversations that we
have had lately were about organisational problems and frustration that
may explain some of the flaming. As for -vote, I would expect people who
disagree to have quite animated discussions.

   Now if enough people say these (minor) flamewars are a problem and
killing discussions at the MUA level (Joey Hess did an interesting
study about threads) is not enough, I may appoint mediators for a given

   If you had a "code of conduct" in mind, that is not something I wish
to push forward personally. But anyone can write one, explain how to
enforce it, have it discussed and voted on.


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