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Re: First call for vote on immediate vote under section 4.2.2

martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org>
> also sprach MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> [2006.10.30.1107 +0100]:
> > If that impression is accurate, it means the DPL is not making
> > "decisions which are consistent with the consensus of the opinions
> > of the Developers" as he was elected to do.  That is to say: this
> > trouble is partly the DPL's fault.
> Please go read my post again. I said a *minority* is making *most*
> of the noise. That has nothing to do with the DPL.

I have reread the post.  I still claim that if for every 20 posting,
there are 80 more, then any discontent posted *may* signify a much
larger group of discontents.

Unless there's some extra knowledge about how the visible 20 relates
to the hidden 80, Pareto tells one little about the views of the 100.

> > > So far, I stand firmly behind aj in all of his decisions. I am
> > > glad to see a DPL in charge who is looking for ways to shake up
> > > the project before we rust or lose touch with reality.
> > 
> > Lose touch with reality?  Seems a bit late for that, when there
> > are DDs claiming to be glad to have a disruptive DPL who they say
> > is just looking for ways to cause trouble, while also whinging
> > about the disruption!
> I neither said disruption nor trouble.

Indeed, you in particular wrote "shake up" and "waste of time".

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