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Re: First call for vote on immediate vote under section 4.2.2

Given that there's no easy way to get at the arguments for an
against this vote, other than wading through hundreds of -vote
mails, I cannot cast a vote.

I also don't understand why we vote whether to put something on hold
or not until we vote about it. Or at least this is what the ballot

> - - -=-=-=-=-=- Don't Delete Anything Between These Lines =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
> 2808c3bb-6d17-49b6-98c8-c6a0a24bc686
> [ 0 ] Choice 1: The DPL's withdrawal of the delegation remains on hold pending a vote
> [ 0 ] Choice 2: The DPL's withdrawal of the delegation stands until a vote
> - - -=-=-=-=-=- Don't Delete Anything Between These Lines =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

I don't actually know whether 0/0 is as invalid as I want it to be,
but we'll see.

Finally, I am getting annoyed by all these GRs and the waste of time
that comes with them. Maybe I should thus propose a vote to resolve
that DDs must now stop wasting time and get back to work.

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