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Re: Proposal to delay the decition of the DPL of the withdrawal of the Package Policy Committee delegation

On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 23:40:52 +1000, Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> said: 

> What has happened since is that the delegation has apparently been
> taken as a mandate for the policy editors to set policy according to
> their own opinion without any obligation to consult each other, or
> the developers as a whole. I'm not willing to have delegations exist
> in that way.

        Can you cite any instance that his has actually happened? Or
 is this a proactive action based on speculation of the future? Has
 there ever been any change acecepted into policy that was not

>> Anthony, I ask you as the DPL, please delay that decision yourself,
>> thus making this "stupid" voting process unnecessary.

> The process is already unnecessary, Manoj can continue to maintain
> policy through his membership in the technical committee, and the
> only reason he can't revert to the process that's was used since mid
> '98 until mid last year is that he's put his secretary hat on and
> read a new interpretation into the constitution that retroactively
> disallows that.

        I do not think there was a new interpretation.  I The old
 policy process was continuing since despite my appeals, no DPL ever
 delegated policy editing powers away, and policy desperately needed

        I decided to do something that was constitutionally untenable
 because I deemed not modifying policy as  being worse for the
 project. Lesser of two evils and all that.  If policy bit rots again
 as itdid when Christian left, I suppose I'll countenance breaking the
 constitution again, in order to get policy fixed.

        But then, _anyone_ could just NMU the policyu package, I
 suppose, if the constitutional violation does not bother them.

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