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Re: Debian Backup Server (was: Questions to the candidates)

Frank Küster wrote:
> Moving this to -devel, it's off-topic for -vote; Cc to -admin.
> Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:
> >> At some place where it can be found even if you don't want to look up a
> >> month-old announcement.  What about http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi,
> >> and the developers reference, in the section about "Debian machines"? 
> >
> > Umh... <http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi?host=bartok> already says
> > "Description: Backup Center of Debian"
> I'd rather like to see information which services on a given machine is
> backed up there.

Please start a page in the Wiki based on the Mail to -devel-announce,
and ask me periodically about updates.  There's already one admin
page in the Wiki, so please use a suitable name and add a link.

> >> > There is technical project-internal documentation as well.
> >> 
> >> Aha, where?  
> >
> > It's not relevant for the end-user.
> > /org/admin.debian.org/doc/backup.debian.org
> > And in the da-backup package.
> Which doesn't seem to be available in sid currently?

It's only available in cvs.debian.org (source) and db.debian.org (binary).

> - at which time of day is the backup made

cat /etc/cron.d/da-backup

> - for how long are the backups kept for a given service

That differs.

> - what would valid reasons be for the DSA to extend the keep time for a
>   given service?  Or how do you decide about this time, anyway?

Needs to be decided on a per-source basis.

> - Would it, in principle, be possible to add home directories, or parts
>   of them, if they provide services to the public?

All home directories on all hosts would make the disk requirement explode.

When a developer runs an important service out of their home directory
that'd be a good reason to add a particular directory.

> - What are the criteria for getting a backup rolled out - would "I
>   deleted that file that was not yet under version control" be a request
>   you'd happily process, or would that cause too much workload?

Yes, no.



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