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Re: Reflections about the questions for the candidates

Enrico Zini wrote:
> I just went back to the mail archive of that time and stopped reading
> after a while because of anger rising: lots of good efforts have been
> done, and the instant reaction to those was in various case absolutely
> disappointing.  It's all stuff you can't put in a report: you just have
> to swallow, be patient, keep insisting, try new things, "this is going
> to be a long-term one".

Would it be possible to illistrate this with a few examples?

>  X: but that isn't fair, we HAVE been doing things!
>  Y: how do you argue that, without disclosing A, B and C?
>  X: sucks.
>  Y: sucks.

So why is everything that the DPL is involved in so secretive
that they cannot disclose it to the project?

It seems that we have a DPL election period where all the candidates
try to be very open about where they want to take the project, followed
by a DPL term where everything happens in private. Why can the DPL only
effectively lead in private? Isn't there a big disconnect there? Anyone
else not like this at all?

> So we waited until we had something big to show.  And that's were we
> found out that when something big happens, even if the DPL has been
> putting lots of efforts in talking people into making it happen, they
> never happen in the name of the DPL.  

They would if it were clear that the DPL had led the project to this
happening, in public[1], surely?

see shy jo

[1] Which can after all, include debian-private.

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