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Re: Reflections about the questions for the candidates

* Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org> [2006-03-05 03:11]:
> In the last year as part of the DPL Team, people have been
> criticising the last year for the lack of reports.  But I don't
> remember a single one sending in a mail like "Dear DPL[-Team], what
> happened last week?".

Such questions were asked all the time but we didn't get any
substantial answers.  Once it resulted in a wiki page being created
listing what the DPL team has been up to, but that page was really
embarrassing, listing only 3-4 minor things (a few more were added
later, but still... not really a good summary).  Several times (after
the failure of the Scud IRC meeting), people asked what Scud was
actually up to and never got any response whatsoever.

> It would have been a pleasure to answer such a question with

I never saw such answers.

> That would have been as easy to write in a casual answer as it would
> have been hard to write wrapped in the officiality of a report:

The point is that people shouldn't have to *ask* for such reports.
It's imho the responsibility of the DPL to send such reports without
being prodded, and in fact, the current DPL explicitly stated in his
platform that he would send such statements (but almost never did).

>   2. Budget
>   ---------
>   Approved expenditure of $300 for flying person X to represent Debian
>   in conference Y.  Thanks X for your outstanding work in this field,

I know that money was spent on stuff.  For example, Branden approved
money for RAM and hard drives for some MIPS auto builders (which I
mentioned on -project).  I read in Jaldhar's blog that Branden
approved some money so he could go to a conference in India.  But I
never saw any such report on -project -- but I think the project
deserves to how how its money is spent.  The only report (to the best
of my knowledge) that was ever posted was one listing some
reimbursement for expenses the previous DPL (ie. I) made, but I think
this was the only posting of this nature.

> Actually, in a recent chatting one of the past DPLs told me that he
> tried at some point, but the feedback he got was roughly "who cares?".

Since we talked recently, I'm wondering if you're referring to me.  If
so, I didn't express myself clearly.  Let me know if you're referring
to me and I'll try to elaborate what I meant.

Anyway, I realize that my message sounds quite negative.  I'm not
trying to blame Branden or the Scud team explicitly - I could have
been a lot better myself with status reports, in particular in my 2nd
year as DPL.  However, what you say in your message (if people had
asked for status reports they would've received them) is blatantly
wrong.  We did ask, and (usually) no good response was given.
Martin Michlmayr

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