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Re: Question for candidate Towns

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> "Do you understand this trivially obvious thing? Obviously you don't,
> so here's a hint." is not being particularly polite -- it's showing
> off how smart you are and how dumb your correspondent is. 

Actually, it turns out we disagree about the thing in question, at a
fairly fundamental level.  So it's *not* trivially obvious, and I've
learned an important fact about the way you judge potential conflicts
of interest.

> For example, by just immediately explaining what you think the point
> of contention is, rather than trying to be cute about it. It's really
> not difficult.

But often it is unclear what the point of contention *is* until people
discuss freely what they think about it.

> Why am I the subject of this thread, rather than the subject being
> the issue of mailing list moderation?

Because your platform said it was an important issue to you, and the
other platforms do not.  So it is very important to find out how you
would seek to implement such a policy and what underlying ways you
have about negotiating such things.  I don't ask Branden (for example)
the same question, because he hasn't announced any intention to "clean
up" the mailing lists by potential moderation or exclusion or whatever

I'll try your method.  I have two bug reports open against
ftp.debian.org.  One was opened today, and Jeroen van Wolffelaar has
helpfully worked with me about the mistakes I made in filing that one
(for which I am grateful).

The other, number 267494 has been open for 201 days, and was tagged
"confirmed" by Jeroen van Welffelaar on September 25.  

What is the delay in processing 267494?  It seems like it should take
only a five-second rm command, but perhaps more is involved than
that.  Is further information necessary to determine how to process
the bug correctly?  (I'm interested in something more than "we're
working on other things"; if you could say what those other things are
that have been done and why they are higher priority, then I would


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