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Re: Question for candidate Towns [Was, Re: DPL election IRC Debate - Call for questions]

Steve Langasek wrote:
As someone who is
both an ftpmaster and a DPL candidate, could you also tell us what
resources you (or the ftpmasters as a group, if you believe it's
appropriate to speak for them) would appreciate?

The most valuable thing I can think of would be to not have to have some
flame or another continually burning on the lists about how ftpmaster
isn't doing a satisfactory job in one way or another. The most negative
consequence of that is that doing anything good tends to match something
someone's recently demanded of ftpmaster, which leads people to think
that it's not a good idea to implement and announce things as soon as
possible, lest it be misinterpreted as being a result of the flaming.
The continual politicisation and targetting of ftpmaster and similar
groups in DPL elections as well as at other times also makes technical
work more difficult in my opinion.

That's /my/ impression at any rate. I don't claim to speak for anyone
else on ftpmaster or in any other role in the project.

If elected DPL I'd aim to remove the list problems by having delegates
lead discussion of problems in their fields of expertise and having the
usual flamewars be declared off topic and either having the thread
killed or, if necessary, the poster suspended. I think it's easy to
avoid those sorts of flamewars by starting a thread with a patch instead
of complaints, and I think pretty much all our delegates are dedicated
enough to be willing to raise problems themselves if they can be
confident it won't just result in a pointless debate. So I don't think
that any important discussions will be made impossible by this.

I'd aim to remove the politics by offering fairly unconditional support
for people filling other roles in the project -- where decisions have
been delegated, it's not appropriate to continually second guess and
micromanage. I think all of the delegates in Debian are doing a
satisfactory job at the moment, although there are some additional roles
that could be created and filled, and, of course, all of them could do a
better job.


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